Guilford Battle Tour

The north-central part of North Carolina was the scene of the critical Battle of Guilford Court House, now in Greensboro. Technically it was a British victory because they held the field at the end of the day. They nonetheless were forced to retreat to Wilmington to recover and resupply. From there the Redcoats left the state, having achieved nothing.

Prior to the battle, both armies passed through the region from west to east. Continental Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene sought the right conditions for battle as he withdrew from South Carolina, and Lt. Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis pursued him in the “Race to the Dan.” When Greene went on the offensive, he returned east to west to his previous campsite at the courthouse, because he realized it was good ground for a defensive battle. Before that climax, the two sides engaged in a cat-and-mouse chase as both armies tried to attract militia to the fight.

This tour visits skirmish and camp sites from these campaigns and the Crossing of the Dan in Virginia. Plus, we meet several courageous Patriot women.