Guidance for People with Disabilities

Handicapped Parking LogoFew Revolutionary War locations in North Carolina have been developed as historic sites. Only those few have good accommodations for people with disabilities. Hopefully this Web site will allow some people to virtually visit war locations they could not otherwise. To that end, the site has been designed with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in mind.

Regarding mobility, some locations are in cities, but many are rural with no amenities. Thus each “Sight” and “Stop” page is labeled for wheelchair and walker access as:

  • Full—Easy wheeled access to all key areas at the location, or all can be seen from inside your vehicle.
  • Partial—Some areas paved or visible from vehicle, others less so or not accessible.
  • Difficult—Possibly accessible depending on equipment or assistance (for example, ground is relatively flat and firm but unpaved).
  • None—All key areas require foot travel.

The label is under the “Location” map at the top of the page, next to the standard symbol for disability parking spots shown above. (That symbol links back to this page for later reference.) The reason for a page’s label is briefly explained within the first few paragraphs.

You can search for locations by access label using “Browse by Categories.”