Advertising on AmRevNC

Supporting North Carolina Businesses

Our Goal

Photo of a woman and child acting as army camp followers in front of a line of tents
(Credit: “Redcoats & Rebels Revolutionary War Reenactment” by leewrightonflickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

To support the state that made AmRevNC possible, we prefer ads from enterprises based or with a major presence in North Carolina. The site’s visitors are ideal for retail, hospitality, education, and travel-related businesses and organizations. Our goal is to eventually feature N.C. enterprises only!

Ad Types

AmRevNC offers three levels of advertisement subscriptions:

  • Prime—Static placement on the Sight or Stop page of your choice.
  • Statewide—Random rotation across all pages that have available slots (see below).
  • Prime+—One Prime slot at the normal rate gets you Statewide rotation at 50% off the standard Statewide rate.

Ads can be purchased for 6 or 12 months, prepaid only. A 10%-per-month discount is applied to 12-month subscriptions. Rates will only be changed once per year, with any changes applied at your next renewal date.

Until we have enough N.C. businesses to fill all slots, remaining ones may be filled with affiliate ads.

Ad Priority Example

Say there are three ad positions (“slots”) on a page, and two Prime slots have been purchased. The Prime ads will always appear at the highest positions on the page, the #1 and #2 slots. The slot order is based on date of purchase, and the first purchaser on a page retains the #1 slot for as long as it is renewed by its renewal date. Statewide ads would rotate through the #3 slot in this example. If three advertisers paid the Prime rate for that page, no Statewide ads would appear on it.


Our standard ad size is 300 (high) x 250 (wide) pixels, JPG or PNG images only.

While respecting the right to free speech fought for during the American Revolution, we want this website to be a comfortable place for the widest possible range of visitors. So please seek other websites to advertise political, social-issue, religious, sexual, or violent content, or to use curse words.

Purchase Process

You buy an ad like any “product” in our store! Select the Category of “Advertising” and choose Prime or Statewide, for 6-months or 12-months (12 is cheaper per month). Within two business days you will get an e-mail from us to confirm acceptance of our terms and to get your ad or desired content.

You can simply provide us your ad design meeting the “Content” guidelines above, or we offer free layout services: Send us your wording and original image image to which you own publication rights, and we will work with you until you are happy with the ad at no extra charge! Your renewal date is based on when your ad first appears on the website, so you get the full period you paid for.

Buy now! Or contact us if you have questions.