Hidden History

Photo of modern bridge
The closest public access to Moore’s Campsite along Rockfish Creek (AmRevNC photograph)

The sites of a number of Revolutionary War events in North Carolina should be on our driving tours given their significance, but could not be included. In some cases their exact locations were lost when the last people who knew them died. Others were still known in the 20th Century, but lost or destroyed due to negligence by corporations and government agencies. Many are out of public view on private (and in one case public) property.

Some of these are described on related location pages, such as Gov. Thomas Burke‘s grave, barely visible on private property in Hillsborough. Completely hidden locations are listed here for three reasons:

  • To ensure these stories are not entirely lost to history.
  • To support changes in state law encouraging property owners to provide access to the common heritage of all people in the state. For example, the state could offer property tax relief in exchange for a “history easement” granting public right-of-way to historic sites.
  • To serve as a warning about ongoing threats to our Revolutionary heritage.
County Reason Name
Anson Exact location unknown Battle of Colson’s Mill
Anson Private property Mount Pleasant
Cleveland Site not proven, on private property Graham’s Fort
Cumberland Public property, but no access Moore’s Campsite
New Hanover Exact location lost Rouse’s Tavern
Pender Private property Lillington’s Grave
Randolph Mill flooded, grave usually blocked by active farm Bell’s Mill
Richmond Private property Harrington Graves
Union Exact site lost, on private property Battle of Wahab’s Plantation