Rutherford Trace Route 2

William Moore Stop to Pigeon River

Taking the Trace

If you are taking the Cherokee Tour and want to follow the army’s path more closely, follow these directions instead of your mapping app.


To Canton

From the William Moore Homesite and Grave:

  1. Drive west (downhill) 0.3 miles on Sand Hill Road to where it appears to end at Sardis Road.
  2. Turn right to stay on Sand Hill Road (NC 112).
  3. Drive 1.5 miles to US 19/23, and turn left.
  4. Drive 2.2 miles, passing NC 151, and turn left at Old US 19/23.
    Note: This road enters the intersection diagonally from the far left.
  5. Stay on Old US 19/23 until it rejoins US 19/23.
    Note: This route mostly parallels Hominy Creek on the left, which the Rutherford army was following. The army camped somewhere along this stretch October 3rd, but the location is unknown.

Next Tour Stop

  1. Drive 4.1 miles, and turn left onto Williams Street.
    Note: The exact path taken by the army from here to the Pigeon River Valley is unknown. These steps simply follow the most direct path to the valley highway.
  2. Stay to the right onto Smathers Street.
  3. At the top of the hill, turn right onto Spring Street.
  4. Almost immediately turn left onto Academy Street.
    Tip: You may see a sign for Halyburton Street, the road coming in from the right.
  5. After one block, at the cemetery, veer right onto Pennsylvania Avenue.
  6. Stay left as that becomes Locust Street, and curves right and then left.
  7. Take the roundabout straight across Pisgah Drive onto NC 110.
  8. Drive 4.3 miles to Lake Drive on the left.
  9. Turn left, and immediately loop to the right onto the shoulder so you are facing back toward NC 110, or go further down Lake Drive to a safe turnaround and return.

Refer to the “Pigeon River” page at this point.