Rutherford Trace Route 3

Pigeon River to Scott Creek Campsite

If you are taking the Cherokee Tour and want to follow the army’s path more closely, follow these directions instead of your mapping app.

From the Pigeon River stop:

  1. Photo of a wide stream rushing through leaf-less bushes and trees
    Richland Creek (AmRevNC photograph)
    Continue 0.6 miles down NC 110 to US 276, and turn right.
  2. Drive 6.4 miles to Main Street in Waynesville, and turn left.
    Note: Downtown Waynesville covers the army’s campsite on Thursday, September 5, 1776. The camp likely stretched a mile or more along Richland Creek, which runs four blocks behind the buildings ahead of you before you turn. (See Footnote 5 on the Pigeon River page.)
  3. Stay on this road, as it becomes Old Balsam Road, to its end at US 23 South/US 74 West, and turn left.
    Note: Along the way, continue straight at Hyatt Creek Road (the first highway entrance) to join Old Balsam until it merges with the highway.
  4. Drive 2.2 miles just across Balsam Gap (past the Blue Ridge Parkway), and take the second right onto McCoy Road.
  5. Park where the road forks into two private driveways.
    Note: The land past this point is private property.

Refer to the “Scott Creek Campsite” page at this point.