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Old black and white drawing of a war-era nurse tending wounded soldiersAmRevNC supports North Carolina nonprofits directly through:

  • Free licensing of content for informational or fundraising purposes—Nonprofits are encouraged to request rights to print specific AmRevNC page(s) for their visitors. For example, a historical association may wish to create pamphlet versions covering its area’s location(s) to hand out to tourists or sell for fundraising. Some restrictions apply, and written permission must be received before reproduction. Contact us for details.
  • A dynamic speaker for your events—The author of, an accomplished public speaker, is available to talk about locations in your area or any topics covered on this site. No fee is charged to qualified nonprofits or schools. Food and car travel expenses are requested (but not required) if you are outside the Durham, N.C., area, and hotel expenses if more than 150 miles away. Contact us to reserve an event date.

“Your presentation was thoughtful, tailored to events close to us, and well delivered. I have already received many compliments from members.Prof. Albert Segars (UNC-CH), President, General Francis Nash Chapter of the N.C. Sons of the American Revolution.


While respecting the right to free speech fought for during the American Revolution, we want this website to be a comfortable place for the widest possible range of visitors. So these services are available to schools and U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organizations not primarily focused on politics or social-issue advocacy. We reserve the right to decline or revoke any organization’s participation for any reason.